Private Farmhouse is the coolest Party Destination for Birthday Celebrations

Private Farmhouse is the coolest Party Destination for Birthday Celebrations

Posted: 06,July 2020 12:00 AM

You must be feeling very lucky if your birthday plans didn’t get spoiled because of lockdown. Those who’ve received a lot of wishes (or let’s say sympathy) for having a birthday during COVID-19 may have wept secretly! 

Well, if you belong to the second clan, we’ve got a chill-pill solution for you guys. Go on reading.

Not all days remain the same

You can’t invite everyone at home or rent a party hall right now but a farmhouse near Surat with swimming pool sounds the right fit, what say!

Thanks to the night lockdown rule of the government, it’s restricted to roam unnecessarily from 9 to 5 PM but you can be at your party destination during the daytime. You must have made a checklist of the things you always wanted to do this birthday. Though you were not able to do that day, enjoy post-birthday to the fullest doing all those lovely things.

Farmhouse Birthday Bash Checklist

  1. Make a list of your close ones whom you’ll invite at the farm house near Surat
  2. Pick the best & affordable farmhouse in your budget with YOLO farms
  3. Know what amenities you’ll want there:
    Do you want a pool party?
    What cuisine would you like to have at the party?
    Would you like to keep it a theme party? If yes, what theme will it be?
    How will you manage breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner?
  4. Decide the number of days you’ll stay at the farmhouse so you can manage the budget 
  5. Also, don’t forget to make a list of the fun activities you’ll be doing during your stay at the farmhouse.

Enjoy to the fullest but stay safe

  1. Enjoyment is a part of life but something that carries more importance is good health & hygiene. 
  2. Make sure that you’re taking safety measures, wearing masks & taking very limited guests at the party. 
  3. Maintain maximum possible social distancing while you’re at the party.
  4. While there will be birthday cake, savories & delicacies along, their sanitization is your responsibility so make sure that you don’t put yours as well as other’s life at risk.

Birthday Party at Farmhouse on Rent is the coolest thing right now…

If you’re looking for a farmhouse on rent near Surat then your search ends at YOLO. People still find long-distance travel as unsafe but still want to leave homes & breathe life. If this is you then we have affordable farm houses on rent as per your needs.

All you have to do is get into the party mood & enjoy every moment. We’ll ensure that the surroundings you enter are clean & hygienic. Stay worry-free as you party as we’ll keep the farmhouse fresh & sanitized for maximum safety from our end. 

Just throw the party & leave it all to us. We’ll make it a memorable one for you!

Call us now at +91 90333 90299 or shoot your inquiries at info@yolodestin.com

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