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Planning a family farmhouse visit with kids? Read this!

Planning a family farmhouse visit with kids? Read this!

Posted: 23,August 2020 12:00 AM

Traveling is great fun, no matter whether it is with friends, family, solo, or kids. Also, the same place can be experienced differently with different age-group around you. 

Let’s say, for example, you have to pack stuff accordingly when you’re taking kids along. Taking this deeper, kids of different ages need to be cared for differently, right? If you’re planning to visit a farmhouse near Surat or anywhere else & having kids to take there, this blog is a brief guide to read at least once.

6 Times when farmhouse visit is different with Kids

1. Pack their favourite food

Convincing kids on food is a tough job than you think. Most moms are worried about what snacks they should pack for Kids even if it’s the one-day hangout. 

While you’re about to take a farmhouse on rent near Surat, you should worry less about it. Just pack some light snacks & home-cooked food they enjoy eating. As you know the risks associated with the pandemic, you should rely less on munching outside & make them eat what you cook.

2. Plan activities with Kids

A farmhouse visit should be a memorable time for you & your family. You might not get the same break again in a short while so have fun to the fullest. Before you’re at the lavish farmhouse in Surat, make sure you’ve prepared a list (in your mind or pen-down) of the engaging things you’ll do there with your kids.

It may be playing Ludo, Carom, Cricket, or Swimming Pool Dive – list out everything & fulfil that list!

3. Book kid-friendly Farmhouses

Trips are different with kids around you. You have to pay extra attention to their likings too. Many times, you may have to plan farmhouse visits keeping kids at the center, right?

Only you know what your kids will love. If they like running around the garden or diving in the pool or play indoor games, etc, make sure you’ve to book the best farmhouse on rent from their perspectives.

4. Encourage them to make a Journal

Always encourage your little ones or teenagers to keep a journal of the memories you make. Inspire them to note down whatever they enjoyed during the day. It’s a good habit that will make your family bonding grow stronger as they grow up.

When at the farmhouse, tell them to note down the things they like about the location, what they’ve loved the most & also what they would like to do at the next farmhouse visit. It will also give you an idea about the amenities to seek next time.

5. Celebrate Special occasions with Kids

To be frank, you never need an occasion to take a break from hectic life & chill with your kids. Well, if you’re looking for an occasion then plan a visit to the best farmhouse near Surat on your Kid’s birthday. You may organize a get-together for your kids & their friends so that they get a mood-fresh.

Believe us, this is a fool-proof idea!

6. Don’t forget vaccinations & first-aid

Last, but not the least, you should always be prepared with an emergency kit. As we know, kids get vulnerable while playing & they may spoil the day if they get injured. 

Above all, their health & safety is your priority so take their basic vaccinations & first-aid kid whenever you travel.

This seems like a complete check-list for your farmhouse visit, eh?

Why don’t you book one with YOLO Farms now!

Just call us at +91 90333 90299 or shoot us an email at [email protected] & we’ll get back to you with the best kid-friendly farmhouses.

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