Tips To Organize An Amazing Event Post Unlock

Tips To Organize An Amazing Event Post Unlock

Posted: 09,October 2020 12:00 AM

The coronavirus is a deadly pandemic that has restricted us to our houses. However, it has certainly taught us all of us many profound life lessons. One such lesson that the virus has taught us in its way is- we can never go back to normal life.

It's surely hard to believe and accept that this is the new normal of our life. 

With countries and states starting to open up, it's time to start thinking about the future of in-person events and those who look will look like.

Events post-pandemic will not only mandatory, but it has become a necessity. A necessity to relax, meets people, and get out of the house.

But like as we all know, states and countries have formed certain rules and regulations for the health and safety of the citizens, it is imperative to organize any event under all the rules and regulations, and maintain all the safety measures.

So, if you are planning for events, here are some valuable tips for organizing future events.

1. Limit the number of guests at the event

The number one rule to stop the spread of the deadly coronavirus is maintaining social distancing. The pandemic is still in the air, which is why even when you're organizing an event, social distancing should always apply. The best way to avoid risk is to limit the number of guests in the event.

2. Introduce hand-shake free events

Another important aspect of social distancing is the lack of physical touch. the virus is extremely contagious and lurks in the air for a long time. However, it can be transferred through close proximity. Therefore, when you are engaged with the process of planning an event, introduce every guest to firmly follow, no hand-shake or no hugs' rule.

3. Make mask and gloves compulsory

This one is no barrier, but it is worth a reminder. We know that mask is the new style statement. We cannot go out without a mask. With the new normal, going out without a mask is like something is wrong with our fashion.

Just because an event is finally being hosted after a long time doesn't mean you should go out and meet people without protection. Wearing a mask and gloves should be compulsory. 

Also, you should plan a separate stall or a dining area for people who are without a mask or protection.

4. Keep sanitizer handy

Do not forget to keep plenty of hand sanitizer on every table or entrance. Everyone should be encouraged to sanitize their hands frequently. This will reduce the risk of spreading the virus. Also, keep handwash and make a compulsory rule for every guest to wash their hands before they enter the party.

5. Check temperature and oxygen of every guest

Make this a mandatory action at the party. You can come to know if someone has any symptoms of coronavirus or is not well. If someone has symptoms, it’s best to stay home. It’s important for you and other guests to know that they are entering into a safe zone, and no one around them is fighting with any symptom.

6. Follow rules

Every city and state has different health and safety rules, and as a responsible citizen, we must all follow that. If you are wondering how to plan an event successfully, the best way is to learn all the rules and regulations. You can also circulate the safety manual to guests at the party so everyone will be aware and will follow the rules.

Some exciting tip:

Organizing a party after a pandemic is certainly risky. However, it's very much possible to socialize safely as long as you adhere to the above-mentioned precaution. 

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