How To Plan A Perfect Party Theme

How To Plan A Perfect Party Theme

Posted: 15,October 2020 12:00 AM

The trendiest trend for the past few years are theme parties. Recently, theme parties have been the talk of the town, and we understand why? Theme parties are the perfect way to spice up your rather mundane celebration. 

The monotonous balloon decoration with streaky steamers and few frills here and there are extremely outdated. Today, party themes are the most popular way to spruce up your celebrations. 

Thinking of unique party themes and bringing the whole ordeal together is no joke! A lot of things are to be taken care of while planning that perfect party. You might want to consider YOLO Farms for all the jazzy celebrations. Read further to discover the secret recipe of perfect party themes.

We have curated this ingenious article that will help you to plan the perfect theme party! 

Deciding the theme of the party largely depends on the type of occasion you want to celebrate. 

1. Choosing Birthday party themes!

If you are the person who is arranging a surprise birthday party for your loved one, consider having a party theme based on the favourite choices of the birthday boy/girl. It can be their favourite show, movie, or just an amalgamation of several things that they like.

Keep in mind their favourite color for choosing party decor. This will bring together a theme customised solely for your loved one.

One of the secret ingredients of an amazing birthday bash is fun and laughter. Interesting games and challenges are the perfect way to add fun to your party. There are tonnes of games and challenges that you can arrange for a birthday party. 

Some of them are, never have I ever, Pictionary, and the infamous Truth and Dare. You can pick out several other games just with the help of a Google search. The DIY decor is one of the popular house party hacks.

If you are in a dilemma about what party theme to choose, you can search for creative party themes for adults, and voila, there will be a sea of creative ideas for you to choose from. 

2. Choosing an Anniversary party theme 

If you are planning to celebrate an anniversary party, it is necessary to pick a theme that the couple will enjoy. You can consider their hobbies and interests and plan accordingly. 

The venue of the party is also an important factor. Some themes can work best with a certain type of venue. 

YOLOfarms is the place to reach for finding the perfect venue. We provide the best farms with ample space and amenities at your disposal.   

For anniversary parties choose synchronizing decor and theme. A pastel palette works best for the decor. It looks elegant and classy. Pastel party themes are the best themes for any party.

3. Corporate getaways and party themes 

Corporate parties are also a good way to bond with your colleagues. Most people have a notion that corporate parties are boring but here is how you can prove them wrong. Corporate parties with ‘The Office’ T.V show theme are huge hits. 

Team games can also add fun to the theme party. If the reason for your corporate party is a product launch, the theme can be based on the product your company is launching. You can have ‘make your own’ food stands, for example, ‘Make your Taco’ food stand. 

There are multiple ways where you can make your corporate party fun and enjoyable. Choose YOLO farms for amazing parties.


Now that you know how to choose a perfect theme for your party, have fun planning theme parties for your friend and family.

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