Hosting a party under a budget? Yes, it's possible

Hosting a party under a budget? Yes, it's possible

Posted: 22,October 2020 12:00 AM

Parties are an all-time favorite way to mingle with friends and family. The amazing opportunity to dance and sing with your friends, how can it be missed? If you were to ask, how many parties are too many? We would say none! But let’s be honest, throwing parties is expensive.

Arranging a venue, decor, and food for a group of people costs a lot, and if you are an extrovert with tones of friends, we will pray for your wallet. 

So, how to plan a party with a restricted budget? 

We’ll tell you how to plan a lively party with pocket-friendly party hacks

Throwing the best party needs two things, amazing friends and a little bit of cleverness! We are sure you have both.


The very first step in arranging a party is looking for a venue. Find a venue under your budget. This will cut your expenses in half. Look for an inexpensive venue with all the necessities. 

If you are confused about which venue to select, we are here for you. 

YOLOfarms is the place where you can party as much as you want with your friends. They provide pocket-friendly party venues. The best part is they don’t hesitate to give you great service even on a low budget. 

You can choose from the multiple venue options they provide. YOLO Farms is the way to party right on a budget!


Potluck dinners are the savior for budget-friendly parties. Ask your friends to bring some dishes if they are comfortable. We are sure you will have some amazing friends who will bring some delicious food to the party. 

A potluck is also a great option for having a variety of dishes even if you are on a budget. Everyone comes with their favorite dish, and people are super happy to contribute something to the party.

Don’t spend a fortune on decor. Simple decorations will make your party look expensive. Try sticking to a color theme while choosing for the party decor. The best way to arrange for party decorations is by doing it yourself aka DIY. Hit some random stationery, grab some chart papers, strings, and balloons. Make sure that you keep a color scheme in mind before grabbing the supplies.

DIY party hacks are popular all over the internet. You are just one search away from the DIY galore.

5-minute party hacks like getting a balloon blower to blow several balloons, making streamers from chart-paper cut-outs, and many more.

You can get as creative as you want. This is the time where you can unleash your creativity, and impress your friends.

Buying enough serving and silverware for the party can empty our pocket in an instant. Instead, opt for disposable serving plates and cutlery. This will cut your cost and also eliminate the hassle of washing and cleaning. 

Choose eco-friendly serving and cutlery like bamboo and paper plates instead of plastic. They are gentle to nature and look cute as well.

Throw a party without a disc jockey. Let your inner disc jockey outshine. Create a party playlist beforehand. Get some Bluetooth speakers to connect and enjoy your party with the best music.

Creating a customized playlist is always the best option. Choose your favorite songs and jam along with your friends. Create multiple playlists according to different moods. A mellow playlist for after-party is the way to combat hang-over!

So, now that you know how to throw the best party on a budget, don’t wait for the right occasion. Take the occasion and make it right!

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