Decorate Your Home with These Amazing Insta Décor Ideas This Diwali!

Decorate Your Home with These Amazing Insta Décor Ideas This Diwali!

Posted: 10,November 2020 11:17 PM

The festival of joy, light, and sweets is here. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India. The shade of lamps and diyas glorifies your soul. Every year, you are overwhelmed by this festival. There are so many things to be done, and one biggest stress is how to jazz up your home/farmhouse/office for this festival season that pumps up everyone’s mood, and also make your home elevate the aesthetics of your home.

Let’s take a look at some of the super amazing unique ideas for decorating your home this Diwali. 

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Bring Back Vintage

As you have always heard people saying, old is gold, why not try it with the vintage Diwali décor this year? Diwali cannot go without light, and diyas are perfect for the vintage décor. For lighting up your home with a vintage theme, light up diyas in your balcony, bedrooms, and entrance. You can use multiple diyas to give it a unique shape like a flower or swastika.

Make flower toran of vibrant colors and hang in the entrance of bedrooms or main room. You can also add bells in the middle of the flower to give it a chic look.

The Candle inside a Jar

This is such a gem. You can easily make this is your home, and it will give you an elegant result. Simply pick a few mason jars in various sizes, wrap them with laces, ribbons, and place your candles and holder inside. If you are not keen on laces, you can also paint your jar and unleash your inner artist. For the best results, use an acrylic paint that works best on the glass.

Decorate Entrance with Fresh Flowers

Décor your main entrance and other entrance with torans of fresh flowers. The natural flower decoration will look more elegant and appealing as compared to the plastic flowers. You can choose different flowers and mix them for decoration. Check the available space and decorate it accordingly. Later, you can add divas, and the combination of both will enlighten the entire look.

Rangoli- Inside & Outside 

You have the option of making the rangoli both with colors and flowers. If you have a toddle in your home, flowers are a great catch. For can jazz up with both the options by coming up with some intriguing designs. The other great idea is using colors for decorating outside and using flowers for inner decoration. For further jazz up- combine flowers and colors with lights. You can use beautifully crafted unique divas or fairy lights. 

Bring Some Decorative Pieces

There are many decorative items available in the market today. From thread lanterns to jars, bottle lights, and Ganesh idols- you can find many things to match up with your taste of decoration. This will ensure that you décor your home in accordance with your personal style and personality. 

Craft You Own Decor

Why not use your creativity to décor this Diwali? You can craft many different items right at your home easily, and surely it will meet your expectations. You can create beautiful lampshades with paper. Draw desired patterns on a rectangular piece of paper and perforate it with a compass. Now fold the paper into a cylindrical structure and glue the ends together. Place it over the lamp so that light comes out through the patterned punctures. 

Another DIY is layering bangles. Glue multiple colors of bangles one over the other to build gorgeous lampshades for Diwali lights. Glass bangles are always best to make lampshades as they can resist heat.

Good Luck and a very Happy & Safe Diwali! 

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