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Farmhouses and poolside villas are the best places to unwind after a busy work schedule and also to unwind at the weekend. Rent now the range of villas, farmhouses that YOLO farm offers. Indulge in the luxury of this farmhouse and take advantage of the warm hospitality to spend a weekend with friends at YOLO farms 666 in Palsana near Surat. Choose from the wide range of, farmhouses or standalone villas that YOLO farm has to offer. 

YOLO farms 1818 is one of the best farmhouses around Pune, One of the top couples farmhouses near Mumba. We have recognized Surat as one of the most beautiful and fun places to stay near Surat. YOLO farm 777 is a great place for families with children, a concept farmhouse with a private theatre near Surat.

 It has large manicured rooms where you can imagine a king-sized life, this is definitely one of the best farmhouses near Surat for a weekend getaway. Combined with a huge theatre, it offers an amazing swimming pool for fun with your loved ones and family. This farmhouse is a perfect spot for a girly weekend and watches your Hollywood crush on the big screen. There are many quiet weekend getaways within a few kilometers of Mumbai, and you can bring friends or family with you for a short break.    

 The quiet proximity of this countryside will amaze you in about an hour's drive from Mumbai. It offers rooms with a private pool, balcony and garden views. YOLO farms 2048 with a Gujarati village vibe and modern amenities making it one of the funniest day picnic farmhouses in Karjat.    

The farmhouse offers modern amenities and luxurious accommodations in an ethno-contemporary setting. With the perfect atithi Devo Bhav, YOLO farms 599 is a hidden gem on a nature tour about 30 minutes drive from Surat. 

Combine stunning natural beauty and outdoor entertainment with unrivaled indoor luxury. YOLO Farms is the sole owner of the information collected on this site. It is a luxurious farmhouse for an unforgettable vacation, located in Sevni, surrounded by refreshing greenery. YOLO Farm 576 is located in Olpad, Surat.   YOLO farms 255 from Masma is located in Surat. Amenities such as a  pool, barbecue and bonfire are available for free this weekend, so you won't miss a thing. This is an incredibly beautiful farmhouse, surrounded on three sides by lush greenery, which is sure to please the eye. This is a splendid farmhouse with luxurious rooms away from city’s noise.    

We would recommend going to swimming pool after applying a sunscreen at least 20 minutes before taking a dip into the pool (We know that you are sensitive to the sun) . It features an outdoor pool, spacious lawn area and comfortable rooms as well as a open garden with quite ambience. Ideal for rejuvenating weekends, family vacations, corporate events and weddings. YOLO farm helps buyers find unused holiday or weekend properties with just one click.    

A warm welcome from the caretaker, at your service 24*7. Girls, this is where you can really get into the party or have an awesome dinner. A few weeks ago, A girl squad spent the weekend with at YOLO Farms 666 to celebrate Bachelorette. It boasts an indoor pool as well as lush greenery throughout. Choose from an extensive menu of YOLO food delivery that provides classic breakfasts and fresh fruit juices. Once you go through the huge Iron Gate, you will immediately find yourself inside the YOLO Farms bubble.

Discover our serene and spacious property in the most authentic way. In the evening, enjoy a glass of sparkling wine before dinner, followed by a lip- smacking dishes for dinner. It is built away from urban bustle, with doors carved with elephants that give it an ancient-modern feel and A grassy area separates this farmhouse from most farms in Surat, Book YOLO farms 666 for a perfect girls weekend and you won't regret it.

Whether you want to enjoy a relaxed movie night at the farmhouse or rent a standalone villa for everyone, there's something for everyone! YOLO farm 777 justifies both Netflix and chill. As with any YOLO farm, this majestic structure is equipped with a king-sized theatre where you and your gang can watch your favorite movie or TV. If you want to watch your favorite movie here again, like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani or your favorite TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S because you will never know how many times is too many for you? The perfect ending to a great movie date is a relaxing pool party, and YOLO Farm 777 has a large private swimming pool where you and your girl squad can unwind and talk about all your favorite scenes and characters (you can even practice imitation).

Want more? YOLO farm 666 is an actual farm with multiple farm animals like horses, hens, cats and to name a few. The sight of these farm animals playing is remarkably delightful, horse for instance symbolizing freedom and travel, exactly what a weekend getaway should be about. A cat giving her a cute name like Mrs. Whiskerson (like Rachel did in FRIENDS) and then making fun of it for the whole trip is all you really need this weekend. We invite you to plan your next “All girls trip” with YOLO and rent the nearest YOLO farm - 30 minutes from your home - and customize your celebrations to your taste.

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