5 Reasons Why One Should Head To YOLOFarm 1818 At Donje In Pune For An Unforgettable Summer Holiday.

5 Reasons Why One Should Head To YOLOFarm 1818 At Donje In Pune For An Unforgettable Summer Holiday.

Posted: 17,May 2022 10:57 AM

5 Reasons Why One Should Head To YOLOFarm 1818 At Donje In Pune For An Unforgettable Summer Holiday.

In the Modern Era as the World is growing with the Speed at the peak.We all are finding some or the other way to escape from this because in hectic life we forget to take out time for ourself,family and friends.Many of us were going through the same scenario.Most of us were doing jobs from 9 to 5 and many were busy in their businesses.So it is difficult to escape from the hectic life.And as the population is also increasing rapidly the greenery around us is also decreasing day by day.As,also the temperature in pune is high,one cannot enjoy the atmosphere there.As this villa is situated between the nature so the temperature here is also less from what it is in the city area.Thereby,one can enjoy a good atmosphere around us at our villa.

 1) A Peaceful Villa Between The Nature.

On weekdays we don’t get free time to hangout with friends or family.So on weekends we go to public places like gardens,beach,etc.As many of us are free on weekends only so there is overcrowding at those places and also there is heavy traffic on the roads.We go out to refresh ourself but we come back more disturbed.So instead of going to public places here,at YOLO you can go to a private villa which is far from the city between the nature a perfect peaceful villa.We can get fresh air,very less amount of pollution and also we can listen the birds chirping and we feel the different atmosphere from what is in the city of pune and enjoy the mellow nature.

2) Children Play Area With Barbeque Stove.

As we like to go on vacation the children also love to go different places.Children like to study less and play more so here at YOLO there are slides,see-saw and swing for the children to play there is also place to play hide and seek,ice pice and many more outdoor games.They can also play indoor games like carrom,chess,etc.The outside part also has a barbeque stove where we can cook mouth watering barbeque food.The BBQ sticks for tandoor and plates for grill are also placed there along with the stove.One can cook such good BBQ food and enjoy eating it.The Place for seating and eating with whole family is also adequate near the stove only.So,one can eat hot cooked BBQ and enjoy it.

3) Jamming Place With Bonfire.

We all are fond of singing music in our leisure time.Especially when we all the friends are chilling out.Nowadays anyone from our group know how to play a guitar so its a perfect match for jamming with friends and also with family members we can do jamming.Alone with it also we can also lit a bonfire which is the perfect match with jamming.At present jamming with bonfire is the new common with all the people going to hangout at a villa with friends or family.Except jamming one can do a number of activities.One can share the horror stories as the surrounding is also such that some phobic people may get frightened and rest others can enjoy seeing him/her.  

4) Pocket Friendly Prices.

The prices for everything are sky high so one cannot use money freely without thinking twice.But with YOLO we provide the best pocket friendly prices to our clients so that it does not cause burden on one self.The prices are not that much low neither they are too much high so the people can easily afford the prices.Its a medium priced peaceful villa between the nature. 

 5) A 24*7 Available Care Taker And Captain.

 A Care Taker and a Captain are the 2 most important persons when you visit any such places because the place is completely new for us as we are visiting it for the first we are not familiar with the facilities and the other amenities which are available there. So, a caretaker is the person who helps us out when we are their and facing only program.And they are available 24*7 so no need to take any worry about the caretaker and along with the caretaker also there is a 24*7 available captain also which takes care for the facilities.If they all are working in the proper condition or not.Our whole team here at YOLO tries our level best to provide you an unforgettable experience we could.

Lastly it is perfect peaceful villa for hangout with friends and family. All the basic amenities and facilities are available which are required for a perfect holiday at such a good place surrounded by nature,and it is available at a good affordable rates.It is a perfect destination in pune for any of family function or for any bachelor’s event.To conclude, it is a perfect one stop destination for hangout,events and etc.

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