Posted: 09,May 2020 12:00 AM

Mother’s Day, as the name suggests, is a day dedicated to celebrate the awesomeness of mothers all around the world, in all shapes and form. This day is celebrated internationally every year on the second Sunday of May.

What exactly are we celebrating? Well, we are honoring the motherhood and its influence on the society. We all have seen the power our mother’s have, from telepathically knowing you are on to something to understanding your pain even without you mentioning anything.

It is a joint responsibility of the family to celebrate this day to honor everyone who has been playing the role of a mother in our lives. That annoying elder sister to the to the understanding dorm matron who let you sleep the extra 5 min, and our Mother India. Did I forget to mention Moms, my bad, sincere apologies.

So how do we celebrate this amazing personality? Bake a cake? Buy her a new purse? Oh, post about her on Social Media? Yes, we can do all that and a little more than all that too. These gestures are all considerably fantastic but, these last for a day. Let her know she is special 24 hrs-365 days.

Let me list down a few things for you that won’t require a lot but will still help you make your incredibly special bond, exceptional.

1. Cook with her

Cooking with your mom might feel like a live session with Gordon Ramsay, but it’s your fault. You still don’t know how to get the burner started. But it is all worth it when you two have an additional topic to talk about. Cooking with her actually teaches you more tips and tricks than any cookery shows.

2. Help Her Go Online

We have all had to watch the D-Day where we have seen their requests to follow us on our social media, but we know the internet has more to offer than we can take and the same applies for your mother too. Help her understand the web further more so she can use it to explore it herself.  The link to one such initiative has been attached below.


Teach her to shop online. Ensure that she knows when she is being part of some online scam. Let her know about various dangers of social media. 

The list is endless. 

3. Self-Priority is her right

The fact that she works herself tired to ensure your day goes by smoothly leaves little to no time for her to ensure that her personal work gets done too. This is where we need to step up and take over our responsibilities and let her know that she needs to get her work done first. It is not her responsibility to ensure the earth is revolving right. She needs to prioritize herself first. She has to buy things just because she simply wants to and not what is suitable for the entire family.

4.Keep it Simple, Silly

Simple gestures go a long way. They can be as simple as doing all the chores when she is tired or making her a glass of refreshing beverage when she comes home from the torrid heat. Take her out on a coffee break. Arrange a date with her and take her for a long drive outside, don’t forget she is the first love of your life. 

However, this is not an exclusive list, get creative.

5. How was your day, Mom?

This might sound strange, but she doesn’t get asked this question much. Ask her this every once in a while, sit and listen to her. Talk to her about random things, ask her about her childhood or the new purse she bought or even the bargaining she did at the vegetable market.

These are extremely easy to do and work best when are done repeatedly. They go a long way and we assure you the results will be astonishingly beautiful.

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