Posted: 09,September 2020 12:00 AM

It’s Birthday Time! Birthdays come once a year and we all want to make it special for our loved ones. There is no denying that planning a birthday party can be overwhelming. It can get a bit stressful to organize an amazing birthday that will impress the guest and the birthday boy or girl.

Honestly, gone are the days of long queues, busy restaurants, crowds, and overpriced food. There is nothing that can beat birthday parties at the farmhouse. No wonder you probably have found hundreds of ideas for birthday parties in Google, but trust us, the farmhouse party will let you unleash an unparalleled party experience.

Here is the checklist you must consider for the ultimate farmhouse party.

Farmhouse selection!

The very first thing to consider for the perfect farmhouse birthday party is finding an amazing farmhouse. Selecting the right farmhouse is very crucial because based on the place, you can plan for the decor, food, and other activities. 

A farmhouse, villa, penthouse, you can get several options to get the right place for your party. 

You can find a great selection of farmhouses here at Yolo Farms. We have farmhouses all over India that can flawlessly fit your budget and fun desires. We almost get confused planning a birthday and later end up finding birthday party hacks 5-minute. At Yolo, you will always get the best farmhouse deals. 

Be adventurous 😊

Planning to create an unforgettable birthday for guests? Make the birthday unique with games! Farmhouse parties are not only about cutting a cake and having dinner. 

The best thing about the farmhouse is that you can indulge in a lot of activities. You will find a wide choice of farmhouses, having amazing amenities and facilities at YOLO. You can book the one that best fits your inner monster adventures.

One of the best house party hacks is to consider your guest list and the interest of the birthday person. It is necessary that your guest enjoy the party. Plan some games like a treasure hunt, have some pool time, click pictures, use farmhouse facilities - in a nutshell, make the birthday party fun and engaging.

Khana to banta hai!

The party cannot end without food. What’s a party without delicious food? If you are having a farmhouse party, you can take stock of wafers, nuts, soft drinks, and other snacks as you can keep chewing no matter what time it is.

Why not order your favorite pizza and double the fun? You can have pizza after a dip in the pool, before the pool, after games, while games, or anytime you’d wish to!

Turn up the music and lights

Honestly, who would like to be a part of a birthday party without music? You need to turn the music ON to keep everyone entertained. People usually like to shake a leg or two at parties, so taking your speakers at the farmhouse is a good decision. 

You can never go wrong with a fantastic playlist. And what’s best than dancing on the right tune with your guest? 

Along with the music, you can add some disco lights or dim lights, this will give the feeling of a discotheque.

Say YES to drinks!

This is a necessity! Who would like to go for a farmhouse party without drinks, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic? Drinks are mood booster. Good drinks will pump up your guest. Remember, drinks are the foremost birthday party hacks

Don’t forget to have a variety of options available, even if it’s BYOB-style-party. You can arrange your own drink section at the farmhouse or hire a bartender to make something mind-blowing.

All set. If you are wondering where to find the best budget-friendly farmhouse, you can always check out the YOLO farmhouse and chill! 

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