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A family picnic is a wonderful way to spend quality time together, enjoying the great outdoors and bonding with loved ones. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a big family reunion, a picnic can be a fun and affordable way to create memories that will last a lifetime.

  • 11,May 2023 9:33 PM


Amenities are the facilities provided by a rental company to their customers. On the basis of amenities, residence providing companies are differentiated. Competitors look forward to the amenities of their rival companies to improve further.

  • 10,May 2023 9:13 PM


A bachelor party is a pre-wedding celebration for the groom and his closest friends, usually held a few weeks before the wedding. It's a chance for the groom to have one last night of freedom before he ties the knot.

  • 06,May 2023 10:01 PM


Anniversaries are a special occasion where people celebrate a significant milestone in their lives. Whether it's a wedding anniversary, work anniversary, or any other milestone, it's a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.

  • 05,May 2023 9:40 PM


The history of farmhouses dates back to ancient times, when humans first began to settle and cultivate the land. Farmhouses were essential for providing shelter, food storage, and protection for the farmers and their families.

  • 04,May 2023 9:33 PM


A design theme is simply the overall look and feel of a website. The purpose of a design theme is to create unity across web pages through the consistent use of a color palette, fonts, and layout patterns.

  • 03,May 2023 11:04 PM


A farmhouse has always been associated with farming, as well as living in the countryside and enjoying the peacefulness of nature. The benefits of living in a farmhouse are numerous and can include having your own source of fresh food and fruits, as well as being surrounded by wide open spaces and the beautiful countryside views.

  • 02,May 2023 8:22 PM


Birthdays are always special occasions that are meant to be celebrated in a memorable way. While some prefer celebrating their birthdays in a restaurant or at home with family and friends, others look for unique and unconventional ways to make their day special. One such way is to celebrate your birthday in a farmhouse.

  • 30,April 2023 7:32 PM


A farmhouse typically refers to a traditional rural house that is located on a farm or agricultural property. The specific requirements of a farmhouse will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the property, the intended use of the farmhouse, and the preferences of the owner.

  • 22,April 2023 10:06 PM


The colors used in farms can vary depending on the purpose and the preferences of the owner. Colors play a major role in providing mind a peace and also make the celebration more delighted. Using attractive colors makes our farmhouses best and luxurious.

  • 22,April 2023 7:49 PM


A farmhouse is a traditional style of house that is typically built in a rural or agricultural setting. Our farms are equipped with all the luxurious facilities which make you feel beyond the world.

  • 22,April 2023 7:37 PM


A villa is a luxurious and spacious house that typically includes amenities such as a private swimming pool, a large garden, and outdoor living areas. Living in a villa will give you an experience of luxurious livelihood. For a celebration, villa is the best choice .

  • 21,April 2023 8:07 PM


Living in a farmhouse can offer a unique and tranquil lifestyle that is very different from urban living. Farmhouse can make you forget your daily hustle bustle of life and enjoy the present pleasure. However, like any living arrangement, there are pros and cons to consider.

  • 21,April 2023 7:53 PM


Throwing a family picnic is an amazing way to spend a lot of family time and make some memorable memories you will never forget. We bring to you the best way you can make use of YOLOFarms to throw this amazing picnic.

  • 31,October 2022 7:20 PM

How to make the most of a rented farmhouse for your family picnic?

Throwing a family picnic is an amazing way to spend a lot of family time and make some memorable memories you will never forget. We bring to you the best way you can make use of YOLOFarms to throw this amazing picnic.

  • 15,October 2022 7:28 PM

Family Picnic on Your mind? Follow along for the all the insights!!

Isn't it a dream come true to have a private space all by yourself to contain all the chaotic craziness of your family? Of course, it is! So what are you waiting for? Let's go ahead and create the perfect plan to embrace family fun!!

  • 08,October 2022 5:36 PM

The Beautifulness Of Surat

Surat is one of India's a mysterious and fascinating city for its visitor as well as for the locals, it used to be the largest seaport back in Britishers time and now Surat is the largest diamond hub of India with 100+ listed companies and over 5000 diamond manufacturing units across the city. Apart from being the biggest diamond hub, Surat is known for its wholesale textile markets which makes it the biggest textile hub in India with at least 6,50,000 power looms.

  • 29,August 2022 10:00 AM

Ensure 5 Things For The Perfect Child-Friendly Villa For Your Family Holiday

Family leaves lead to some of our life’s to stylish recollections. Still, if you're traveling with youthful children, you might be a little reluctant. Well, we’re here to make it easier for you. The key to a successful family vacation is choosing suitable accommodation. And when you have little ones running around, there are many effects to consider. Then are five rudiments to look while choosing a child-friendly private villa.

  • 23,August 2022 5:39 PM

5 Reasons Why One Should Head To YOLOFarm 1818 At Donje In Pune For An Unforgettable Summer Holiday.

In the Modern Era as the World is growing with the Speed at the peak.Many of us were going through the same scenario..So it is difficult to escape from the hectic life.

  • 17,May 2022 10:57 AM


YOLO farms 1818 is one of the best farmhouses around Pune, One of the top couples farmhouses near Mumbai, YOLO farm 1010 boasts luxurious in-room amenities. We have recognized Surat as one of the most beautiful and fun places to stay near Surat. YOLO farm 777 is a great place for families with children, a concept farmhouse with a private theatre near Surat.

  • 28,December 2021 12:23 PM

How to plan a perfect weekend trip at a farmhouse in Jaipur

This article provides some excellent advice on how to arrange a fantastic weekend getaway at a farmhouse. Keep a lookout for the special mentions. These can greatly assist you in planning your vacation hassle free.

  • 24,December 2021 4:29 PM

5 things you can do to enjoy your farmhouse vacation in Pune

YOLO farms can rescue your spontaneous plans. We provide farmhouses for rent in Pune. Book Yolo's luxury villas on rent to make the most of your time.

  • 17,December 2021 10:00 AM

Plan a perfect picnic date at a farmhouse in Surat

Picnics on a farmhouse reserve a special place in the hearts of every travel enthusiast. It is a perfect way to spend time with your loved ones. If you wish to plan a picnic at Dummas beach in Surat or at a private farmhouse in Surat, you have stumbled upon the right place.

  • 10,December 2021 11:20 AM

Weekend Escape At Farmhouse In Jaipur

YOLOFarms OFFERS a multitude of Farmhouse accommodation options to travelers, where they CAN enjoy a COMFORTABLE STAY while exploring the city

  • 28,November 2021 12:28 PM

Plan an Awesome and Safe New Year Party with These Simple Tips

The New Year is just around the corner, and this fun time of year filled with celebrations has just begun. Keeping the current scenarios in consideration, it is extremely important to adhere to certain rules and regulations. However, this shouldn’t stop you from celebrating an awesome new year party. There are multiple ways you can celebrate new year’s while keeping all the safety standards in check.

  • 11,December 2020 4:45 PM

Decorate Your Home with These Amazing Insta Décor Ideas This Diwali!

The festival of joy, light, and sweets is here. Diwali is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in India. The shade of lamps and diyas glorifies your soul. Every year, you are overwhelmed by this festival. There are so many things to be done, and one biggest stress is how to jazz up your home/farmhouse/office for this festival season that pumps up everyone’s mood, and also make your home elevate the aesthetics of your home.

  • 10,November 2020 11:17 PM

Hosting a party under a budget? Yes, it's possible

Parties are an all-time favorite way to mingle with friends and family. The amazing opportunity to dance and sing with your friends, how can it be missed? If you were to ask, how many parties are too many? We would say none! But let’s be honest, throwing parties is expensive.

  • 22,October 2020 12:00 AM

How To Plan A Perfect Party Theme

The trendiest trend for the past few years are theme parties. Recently, theme parties have been the talk of the town, and we understand why? Theme parties are the perfect way to spice up your rather mundane celebration.

  • 15,October 2020 12:00 AM

Tips To Organize An Amazing Event Post Unlock

The coronavirus is a deadly pandemic that has restricted us to our houses. However, it has certainly taught us all of us many profound life lessons. One such lesson that the virus has taught us in its way is- we can never go back to normal life.

  • 09,October 2020 12:00 AM


It’s Birthday Time! Birthdays come once a year and we all want to make it special for our loved ones. There is no denying that planning a birthday party can be overwhelming. It can get a bit stressful to organize an amazing birthday that will impress the guest and the birthday boy or girl.

  • 09,September 2020 12:00 AM

You need a weekend break this time! Here's why...

“Travel increases productivity” & this is an undisputed belief. Even if you are doing #workfromhome these days or busy in one or other ways, don’t make your like mechanical. Take a break more often, it not only makes you explore new things, but you also re-discover yourself & that will boost your performance in turn. Exciting, isn’t it?

  • 23,August 2020 12:00 AM

Don't own a Weekend Home? Rent One!

Farmhouses host a new subculture for our lifestyle today. An investment for a wealthy class of people, these weekend homes is staples for an average Indian too. What if you don’t have a big fat budget to invest in a farmhouse, you can surely have farmhouse on rent in Surat.

  • 08,July 2020 12:00 AM

6 Reasons to Trust YOLOfarms for Renting Farmhouses in Surat

“You’ll get the best farmhouses for rent in Surat at YOLO” – this isn’t the only attraction to choose us. We have plenty of trust factors & obvious reasons that will want you to be there at YOLO always. Yes, we brag! We provide the promised amenities just as it should be & this makes users like you rely on us for a farmhouse on rent in Surat.

  • 07,July 2020 12:00 AM

Private Farmhouse is the coolest Party Destination for Birthday Celebrations

You must be feeling very lucky if your birthday plans didn’t get spoiled because of lockdown. Those who’ve received a lot of wishes (or let’s say sympathy) for having a birthday during COVID-19 may have wept secretly! Well, if you belong to the second clan, we’ve got a chill-pill solution for you guys. Go on reading. Not all days remain the same You can’t invite everyone at home or rent a party hall right now but a farmhouse near Surat with swimming pool sounds the right fit, what say!

  • 06,July 2020 12:00 AM

Hangout & Refresh at Affordable Farmhouses amid COVID-19

Summer vacation is already skipped this year during lockdown & no wonder we’re all looking for some safer hangout places this season. Though the COVID-19 outbreak brought a long pause to our lives, we’ll still make way & create our happy places, isn’t it? A Farmhouse with all desired amenities could be the happiest place on the earth right now!

  • 20,June 2020 12:00 AM


Mother’s Day, as the name suggests, is a day dedicated to celebrate the awesomeness of mothers all around the world, in all shapes and form. This day is celebrated internationally every year on the second Sunday of May.

  • 09,May 2020 12:00 AM


Make the best of these 21 days of Locdown with our list of ways you can make them un-boring.

  • 31,March 2020 12:00 AM

Take a break and enjoy a rented, but homey holiday at YOLO

Everybody deserves a short break away from their daily schedules to catch up on their sleep, enjoy some laid-back time with their friends and family, gorge on appetizing food and simply relax peacefully.

  • 24,December 2019 12:00 AM

YOLO Farms Tour and Tips to Select a Best Place

It felt so welcoming and cozy and so beautiful that you wanted to kick off your shoes and pull up a chair and glass of sweet tea with a side of conversation.

  • 25,October 2019 12:00 AM

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