The Beautifulness Of Surat

The Beautifulness Of Surat

Posted: 29,August 2022 10:00 AM

The Beautifulness Of Surat

Surat is one of India's a mysterious and fascinating city for its visitor as well as for the locals, it used to be the largest seaport back in Britishers time and now Surat is the largest diamond hub of India with 100+ listed companies and over 5000 diamond manufacturing units across the city. Apart from being the biggest diamond hub, Surat is known for its wholesale textile markets which makes it the biggest textile hub in India with at least 6,50,000 power looms. 

History and Beautifulness Of Surat

Surat became the emporium of India, exporting gold and cloth. Its major industries were shipbuilding and textile manufacturing. The coast of the Tapti River, from Athwalines to Dumas, was specially meant for shipbuilders. Afterwards, Surat's shipbuilding industry declined and Surat itself gradually declined throughout the 18th century. An epidemic killed 100,000 Gujaratis in Surat. The British and Dutch both claimed control of the city, and the British took control of Surat. The Andrews Library was built during this period and it is one of the best to be visited place for tourists.


When Britishers first arrived in India through surat keeping in view for getting a business license as before the arrival of britishers Surat was well established as the textile industry.

In today’s date, surat is ranked as the No.1 cleanest city in India leaving behind Indoor which ranked first the previous year, a visitor must surely take a look at how strongly the initiative of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is being taken place in surat. 

Smart city Mission was launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on 25 June 2015. Surat city was selected among 100 cities to be developed as a smart city in India due to various achievements like the fastest growing rate of infrastructures, growing business rate, great initiatives like more startup encouragement and financial support, and an inclusive approach.

Surat being big hubs for 2 of the main industries in India, is also a very mesmerizing and delicate city. For our thrilled tourists the best and the most beautiful thing to see here is the sunset which comes with different heart-appealing colors every season. This city is beautiful for its food which looks very attractive because of its soothing colors, smells, and tastes. The great and unique infrastructure is also making this city attractive to tourists.

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Our Private Properties 

YOLOFarms provides the best property near to the city so that the tourists can explore the famous locations while spending their precious break time at YOLOFarms property. You can have your private villa at walking distance from Surat's most famous Dumas beach. Our other properties  which are situated on the outskirts of surat like Masma, Olpad, Dumas, Palsana, Kamrej, Sevni and many more which are all approachable easily to the best tourist places in and near Surat.

Delicacies of Surat 

When talking about Surat, how can someone forget about the world-famous street food of Surat. Surat is also famous for its drool-worthy street food. Alluring travelers from faraway locations, this destination never ceases to impress its visitors. A famous Gujarati is saying “Kashi nu maran ane Surat nu Jaman” which means “dine in surat and die in Kashi”. Surat’s roadside stalls can attract you again and again to the city because Surat is well known for its Surti taste, which is spicy as well as mouth-watering tasty.

Food Delivery at Your Farm Step

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In conclusion, Surat is a very renowned place all over India. So many tourists from different parts of India and also from other parts of the world come to visit Surat and enjoy the beautifulness, pleasant weather, and huge variety of mouth-watering food on the streets of Surat. And along with all this YOLOFarms is also trying its best to provide all its services to the tourists as well as to its beloved customers from the cities. Also, YOLOFarms is the one-stop destination for all the types of celebrations and occasions you have Just Book YOLO and celebrate them #THEYOLOWAY.

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